If This, Then That

IFTTT: If This, Then That

  • Free platform for interconnecting various internet service
  • Create very simple recipes (called applets) using conditional logic such as
    • “If I am within 5 miles from home, then start the A/C”
    • “If I take a photo, then automatically save it to my Dropbox”
    • “If I publish a temperature with Argon, then add the time and temperature to a Google spreadsheet”

Usefulness of IFTTT

  • IFTTT is a free consumer service, but also has a business service
  • Consider it as an extension of prototyping
    • Great to explore creative solutions
    • Replace with more secure, robust tool in production
  • Later in the semester we will look at a more enterprise platform

Key Terms

  • Trigger: THIS
    • The event that causes IFTTT to do something
  • Action: THAT
    • The resulting task that IFTTT performs
  • Recipe / Applet:
    • The combined THIS + THAT
  • Ingredients:
    • Data that is passed from Trigger. This will be information from Particle events that we publish

Using Particle as Trigger (THIS)

  • Event is published (uses publish)
  • Variable state changes (uses variable)
  • Monitor function result (uses function)
  • Check device status

Using Particle as Action (THAT)

  • Publish an event (need to subscribe)
  • Call a function (uses function)