Welcome to the course page for ITP 348 - Making Smart Devices: Introduction to Electronics/Wearables! This course is offered by the Information Technology Program in the Viterbi School of Engineering at the University of Southern California

You’ll find course material and useful links on the side.

  • Syllabus - Course plan, policies, and date
  • Lectures - HTML slides shows of lectures
  • Assignments - Assignment writeups
  • Videos - Short weekly videos and readings to be reviewed before class
  • Kit - Kit components
  • Resources - Helpful pages and documentation for the course
  • Quick Reference - Quick reference guide for wiring and coding of components

Debugging Tips

Resources about This Site Structure

These are not necessarily needed for this course, but provide more information about how this site is built

  • GitHub repository - This is where all the raw files lives
  • Building your own course / site - I wanted this course material to be accessible and open-source. I tried to make some notes about the process for anyone interested
  • Contact / Feedback - If you find this material helpful in any way or you find it useful, please let me know by filling out this form. I would love to hear about it!

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