Kit Overview

Kit Overview


  • No course textbook
  • The kit for the course is required and must be purchase from the bookstore
  • This includes all the most of the components we will discuss during the semester
  • Additional parts will be provided by instructor
  • Kit parts and pictures

Student Responsibilities

  • Have kit with you for class each day (if this isn’t feasible, then check the course schedule for the parts needed that are needed for the current week)

  • Maintain components in working order

  • Instructor may provide replacements for lost components on a limited basis. Beyond that, you will have to find replacements on your own
  • If you stay enrolled (past week 3 drop deadline), the ITP kit is yours to keep.

Recommendation for Organization

  • Store small components in parts box Small box

  • Alternatively, create store in individual small envelopes small envelopes

Recommendation for Organization

  • Keep everything protected in large case large case

Particle Photon 2

  • The Photon 2 is the microcontroller we will use for our all projects
  • Similar to an Arduino, this is the “brains” of our projects (just like the processor in our computers)
  • Handle it carefully

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