Light Sculpture

Assignment 2 – Light Sculpture

Submit on Blackboard


  • Connect LEDs to Photon 2

  • Create engaging art piece


This assignment is to create a physical art sculpture using the Photon 2 and LEDs. The specifics of what the sculpture looks like or what it does is entirely up to you. You can put LEDs on a box, on a card, inside straws or ping-pongs, etc. One suggestion is that you can use “extending” jumper wires (header-receptacle) to have the LEDs away from the breadboard. If you want to use these, ask the instructor.

Some example are below.


  • Photon 2

  • Breadboard

  • 5 x LEDs (or more)

  • 5 x 330 Ohm resistors

  • Jumper wire (standard header-header)

  • Creative supplies for sculpture (e.g. cardboard box, straws, glue sticks, felt, paper, ping-pong balls, etc.)

  • Optional: extension jumper wires (receptacle-header)


  • Connect at least five LEDs to Photon 2
  • Control LEDs on / off / blink from code

**Naming convention **

(replace # with the current assignment number)

  • Project Name: itp348_a#_lastname_firstname

  • Zip File (project folder):

Video Submission Checklist

To receive credit, your submitted video must clearly demonstrate the following:

  • Project enclosure
  • 5 LEDs lights attached and functioning
  • Your connected Photon 2 / breadboard


Submit on Blackboard

  1. A compressed file containing your project. Follow the guidelines for full credit.

    Here are the instructions for submission

    • Navigate to your project folder.

    • Include the entire folder in a zip file

    • Rename the zip file based on naming convention

    • Upload zip file to Blackboard site for our course

  2. A photograph of your device connected to USB with the blue light on.

  3. A video demonstrating your project functioning (either upload this to separate from the zip file, or upload to YouTube / Google Drive / Dropbox and provide the link in your submission).


Item Points
Five LEDs used 5
Code to control LEDs 5
Appropriate resistors 5
3d sculpture (not just lights on breadboard) 5
Total 20