What it is

  • Soldering (“sah-dering”) is the the process of melting metal (also called solder) to create connections between components
  • Solder serves both to make electrical connection and provide some attachment of components

Why do I care?

  • Soldering is a critical skill in working with electronics
  • Many breakout boards and components come soldering without headers
  • Soldering allows us to design custom PCB to create more permanent projects (as opposed to using the breadboard)

Safety Tips

  • The tip is very hot! Don’t touch it, and always return it to stand when not using
  • Use clamps or vise to hold wires because they will get hot
  • Wear eye protection (especially when cutting the ends of components)
  • Keep food and drink away when soldering, and wash hands thoroughly when done

How to Solder

  • Make sure iron has reached desired temperature
  • “Tin” the solder by applying a small amount of solder to tip
  • Use tip to heat board and pin evenly
  • Apply solder to other side of pin
    • Avoid putting solder directly on tip
  • A good solder joint will resemble a Hershey’s Kiss



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