APIs and Webhooks

APIs and Webhooks

Big Idea

  • We want our device to interact with services all over the internet–e.g. permanently store all heart rate data in the cloud, retrieve the weather forecast tomorrow, etc.

  • APIs provide the mechanism we use to communicate with these other services

  • Webhooks are created in the Particle cloud to connect our to an API online

APIs (Application Programming Interface)

  • A specification used as an interface between different pieces of software
  • Allows code we write to connect to other services, gather data, etc.
  • Usually related to a software library
  • May also be related to a software framework
  • May also be an implementation of a protocol

Examples of APIs

General Process to Interacting with API Data

  • Identify API you want to use (make account if necessary)
  • Create a Particle webhook that interacts with the API
    • A webhook is trigger we create at the Particle Cloud
    • When we send data to a webhook, it causes the Particle Cloud to perform an action we defined
  • Note: this describe sending data only. We will discuss later in the semester how to receive data


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Creating a Webhook

Go to Particle Cloud Console Integrations > Webhook