Social Issues in IoT / Smart Devices

Social Issues in IoT / Smart Devices

Submit on Piazza in social_issues folder


  • Identify an area of society being impacted by technology, particular around smart devices and the Internet of Things
  • Examine the implications and nuances of the issue


The high-tech and smart device industry impacts the world and lives of the public in large and small ways. As developers and technologists, we have a social, civic, and ethical responsibility to thoughtfully and respectfully engage with each other about these issues.

Students will work in pairs and sign up for a time slot throughout the semester (meaning due dates will be different for each team). Students will identify a societal impact that is caused by technology related to smart devices or the Internet of Things, and then they will facilitate a discussion on Piazza. This assignment will be weighted the same as a programming assignment. Topics might includes The topic and discussion should connect to smart devices / the Internet of Things.

Example of Potential Issues / Topics


Sample Submission

  • Here is an example of Piazza submission


  • Create a Piazza post with the article summary and questions to facilitate discussion. Post must clearly indicate the names of team members.
  • Include the post in the social_issues folder

Extra credit

  • Individual students (not team) can earn extra credit for thoughtful comments on each other's posts


Item Points
Reputable source 3
Concise summary of relevant issues 8
Three Questions 3
Extra credit for comment on OTHER groups' articles +0.25 (up to 5)
Total 20