Assignment 4 – Dice

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  • Connect LEDs to Photon 2

  • Use push button for analog input

  • Use built-in libraries to generate random numbers

  • Use C++ arrays


This assignment is to create an electronic die. When a button is pressed, the die will be “rolled” and a new value will appear. The die roll will be simulated by generating a random number 1-6

Here is a video overview about the assignment and the extra credit: https://youtu.be/RqrFVTAiY8g

Here is an example:

Example build

The die value can be represented by a 3x3 grid of LED lights as follows:

pattern of 6 sided die


  • Photon 2

  • Breadboard

  • 9 x LEDs

  • 9 x resistors (what value should you use?)

  • 1 push button

  • Jumper wire (standard header-header)


  • Create a Fritzing breadboard prototype layout of your design
  • Once you’re satisfied with the design, connect the device
  • The push button should be configured as a latch (i.e. pressing / holding the button only rolls the die once)

==Extra credit: Arrays==

  • Store the light pattern (on/off) for all six possible die rolls as an array. This can be done as a represented as a 3x3 matrix (2 dimensional array). However, an easier way to think about this is as a 9-element array
  • For example, the die roll of two looks like this
  • We can think each of the possible nine points on a 3x3 grid
  • Each of these possible points can be thought of as an index in an array
  • Each position of the array will represent the state of the corresponding LED (HIGH or LOW)
  • Hint #1: It will be easier to create another array to store the which Photon 2 pins correspond to each LED. Then you can use a for loop to quickly turn lights on
  • Hint #2: Check out this resource on generating random numbers in Arduino

**Naming convention **

(replace # with the current assignment number)

  • Project Name: itp348_a#_lastname_firstname

  • Zip File (project folder): itp348_a#_lastname_firstname.zip

Video Submission Checklist

To receive credit, your submitted video must clearly demonstrate the following:

  • Pressing button make light configuration change
  • Pressing button makes a new random die value display. Push the button at least 6 times


Submit on Blackboard

  1. Fritzing layout file

  2. A compressed file containing your project. Follow the guidelines for full credit.

    Here are the instructions for submission

    • Navigate to your project folder.

    • Include the entire folder in a zip file

    • Rename the zip file based on naming convention

    • Upload zip file to Blackboard site for our course

  3. A photograph of your device connected to USB with the cyan light on (indicating it is connected).

  4. A video demonstrating your project functioning (either upload this to separate from the zip file, or upload to YouTube / Google Drive / Dropbox and provide the link in your submission).


Item Points
Fritzing layout 5
9 LEDs connected correctly 5
Button wired correctly 5
Button press changes lights 15
Extra Credit  
6 Die LED patterns stored as arrays +3
LED pin label constants stored in array +2
Total 30