Pre-Lecture Activities

Week 7

Watch before class this week

  • switch and enum in C++ (already covered in class last week)
  • State Machines

Bring to class all this week

  • Argon, breadboard, resistors, push buttons, LEDs, RGB LEDS, wires potentiometer
  • Magnetic switch
  • MicroOLED
  • You can see what parts look like visually by checking out the kit page

Mon / Tues

  • Enjoy the holiday!

Build before class Wed / Thurs

RGB LED Argon Pins
NorthSouth RGB LED - Red D2
NorthSouth RGB LED - Green D3
NorthSouth RGB LED - Blue D4
MicroOLED (Qwiic cable) Argon Pins
3V3 3V3
SDA (Blue) SDA
SCL (Yellow) SCL