Pre-Lecture Activities

Week 2

Watch before class this week

  • Analog vs. Digital
  • Watch Analog Input with Potentiometers

Bring to class all this week

  • Argon, breadboard, resistors, push buttons, LEDs, RGB LEDS, wires potentiometer
  • You can see what parts look like visually by checking out the kit page

Build before class Mon / Tues

  • none

Build before class Wed / Thurs

  • none

Optional C++ Reference

  • Quick note: in some of the C++ videos below, they reference cout and cin. Those are C++ functions that we don’t use in programming microcontrollers so you don’t need to worry about them. For clarity, all you need to know is that
    • cout is a C++ function to print to the console window like Serial.println for the Argon or print in Python
    • cin is a C++ function to get user input from the keyboard like input in Python. The Argon doesn’t have an equivalent way to get user input from the keyboard.
  • Watch Arrays in C++
  • Watch For Loops in C++
  • Watch Using Arrays and Loops Together in C++