Creating JSON with ArduinoJson Library

Creating JSON with ArduinoJson Library

JSON Example Data

  • Consider we want to send the following JSON data to a website
 {"key":"temperature", "value":79.000000},
 {"key":"humidity", "value":22.000000},
 {"key":"weather", "value": "sunny"}

Creating JSON with a Library: ArduinoJson

  • ArduinoJson is a popular library for parsing JSON code and can be installed from Workbench

  • Use the sample code below

Configuration of ArduinoJson

  • Import library and set up Arduino compatibility
#include <Arduino.h>
#include <ArduinoJson.h> 

Argon code

void loop() {
  String output;
  JsonObject doc_0 = doc.createNestedObject();
  doc_0["key"] = "temperature";
  doc_0["value"] = 79.000000;

  JsonObject doc_1 = doc.createNestedObject();
  doc_1["key"] = "humidity";
  doc_1["value"] = 22.000000;

  JsonObject doc_2 = doc.createNestedObject();
  doc_2["key"] = "weather";
  doc_2["value"] = "sunny";

  serializeJson(doc, output);
  //make sure to change the event name below to match the webhook you created  
  Particle.publish("inital_state_json", output);
  delay(60000);	//use delay or millis to avoid publishing too frequently