Course Introduction

ITP 348

Making Smart Devices

Introduction to Electronics/Wearables

Rob Parke

  • Email:
  • Office Hours: online (hours on Piazza)
  • Associate Professor
  • Connected Devices and Making Minor
  • Sound Editor / Web Developer (previous)
  • USC Alum!USC ITP

Learning Assistants / Graders

  • LAs: Neftali, Montserrat, Judy, Swanav
  • Grader: Swanav
  • Open lab hours for will be posted on Blackboard
  • For grading issues, post on Piazza and tag the LA
  • For general questions, you can contact either of us

Continuous improvement!

  • Your feedback is really important throughout the semester
  • I want to know
    • what works
    • what doesn’t
    • any way to improve the class
    • things you want to learn

Required Materials

  • No textbook,
  • Required kit must be purchased from the bookstore
  • Readings will be available online

Grading Scale

Item Weight
Assignments 45
Final Project 35
In-Class Labs
In-Class Polls / Participation




  • Assigned weekly and due Sunday at 11:59pm officially (Monday unofficially)
  • Submissions will be on Blackboard and typically include code files as well as video files
  • We can not accept assignments via email
  • Must be well commented and documented for full-credit

Assignment Extra Credit

  • Up to 10% extra credit on each assignment for features beyond the scope of the assignment - May or may not be stated on assignment description
  • Points will be earned based on
    • Rigor (how difficult was the feature to implement)
    • Functionality (does the feature work properly)
    • Applicability (does the feature make sense given the larger assignment)
  • Important: Must describe the extra features in Blackboard submission


  • Some of our in-class activities will be turned in for credit
  • It will be announced at the start of class when labs are to be turned in
  • Graded on a 0-2 point scale
    • 0 No attempted / minimal effort
    • 1 Significant effort
    • 2 Complete / mostly complete


  • There will be a few quizzes during the semester
  • These will be short (a few questions) and will be announced a week ahead of time
  • There will NOT be any unannounced quizzes


  • Some classes will begin with poll questions about the recordings for that week
  • Polls are graded on participation and are part of the lab component of your grade

Late Assignment Policy

  • Assignments due Sunday at 11:59pm officially (unofficially accepted Monday at 11:59pm)
  • You have 5 “late days” which may be used for extra time without penalty
  • May be used for one assignment or distributed across several assignments
  • Instructor-granted extensions are only considered after all grace days are used and only given in rare, exceptional situations
  • Important: You must state that you are using a grace day in their Blackboard submission

Late Lab and Poll Policy

  • Since labs are completed in class, they can not be accepted late or made up

Final Project

  • No final exam
  • Final device project and presentation
  • Due during our class exam time

Adding the Course after Week 1

  • You may add the course until the end of week 3

  • However, you should plan on attending from the beginning of the semester

  • If you add after week 1, email the instructor immediately to make a plan to for completing work and learning missed materials

  • All missed work is must completed and submitted according to the syllabus

Academic Integrity

  • No sharing of code
    • Sending another student your code violates academic integrity
    • Should not be working to solve a problem
  • You must be the sole author of your code / device
    • You cannot take code from the internet
    • Any plagiarism in your code is easily detectable
  • If you have questions, we can chat after class or during office hours anytime

Use of AI Generators

  • AI generators such as ChatGPT are powerfully useful tools that have great application in software and engineering
  • However, the purpose of this class is to specifically to develop creative and critical thinking skills as well as practical knowledge of building devices
  • Therefore, using AI-generated tools is prohibited in this course, will be identified as plagiarism, and will be reported to the Office of Academic Integrity


  • Website used for class discussions on homework
  • Everyone should have been invited (link posted on Blackboard)
  • Forum monitored by all instructors, graders, LAs
  • No posting of code large sections of code

Useful Resources


USC Kortschak Center for Learning and Creativity


Almost half of all college students will experience severe depression or symptoms of mental illness in college

Student Counseling Center

Trojans Care for Trojans


Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention and Services (RSVP)

Office of Equity and Diversity


Trojan Alert