Preliminary Proposal Ideas for Final Project

Preliminary Ideas for Final Project

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  • Brainstorm and thoughtfully consider potential ideas for final project that you find appealing
  • These ideas can be refined or changed later


  • The final project for this class is to create a prototype of a connected device. The final submission does not need to be “ready for manufacturing” but it must work and demonstrate the key functioning elements.
  • At this point in the class, we have covered only 50% of the material you will use in the project. However, you have already developed understanding of firmware and electronics.

  • Using the overall project requirements and list of components we will discuss in class, create two potential project ideas for your final project.

Project Requirements

  • Be designed and built by the student solely. Inspiration may be taken from online and other sources, but sources must be cited and final project must be substantially different.

  • Use at least two sensors we discussed in class

  • Use at least two component to interact with environment (e.g. switch, button, etc.)

  • Use cloud / internet connectivity in a meaningful way

  • Must send data to a cloud system and display a dashboard

  • Must have interface app and be able to receive feedback from cloud system to produce effects in the physical world (i.e. control device remotely)

    • Examples of acceptable tools
      • Blynk cloud app
      • Intial State (must use input controls not just dashboard tools)
      • Losant
      • If using Bluetooth, the Bluefruit app will be considered as long as it is substantially different from car assignment
    • Not acceptable
      • Particle app

Possible Project Ideas

List of Components

This list includes the components and services we will cover in this course (and you have in your kits). You can also use components not discussed in the course, but you are not required or expected to do so.

Deliverables (for this preliminary proposal)

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  • Two distinct ideas (i.e. they should address different problems)

  • For each of your two ideas ideas, describe the following:

    • Describe the problem or need you have identified

    • Describe why you believe it is necessary to address

    • Describe how your device would address this need

    • Describe what you anticipate will be challenges you will face in building this

    • List the key features and what components (e.g. sensors) and services (e.g. InitialState) you will use


Item Points
Preliminary idea #1: all requirements completed 10
Preliminary idea #2: all requirements completed 10
Total 20