Creating JSON Manually with Strings

Creating JSON Manually with Strings

JSON Example Data

  • Consider we want to send the following JSON data to a website
 {"key":"temperature", "value":79.000000},
 {"key":"humidity", "value":22.000000},
 {"key":"weather", "value": "sunny"}

Recall: Escape Characters

  • Initial State value contains quotation marks " in the value
{"key": "temp", "value": 32}
  • Since " marks the beginning and end of String, we need to tell the Argon specifically when we want to include " in the value
  • We use the **escape character ** \" to tell the Argon to ignore the " and consider it as part of the String
  • Thus we have our String would become
"{\"key\": \"temp\", \"value\": 32}"

Creating JSON Manually

Argon code

void loop() {
  temp = 89;		//just example; temp should come from sensor
  String data = "[{ \"key\":\"temperature\", \"value\":" + 			
  String(temp) + "},{\"key\":\"humidity\", \"value\":" +
  String(humidity)+ "},{\"key\":\"weather\", \"value\": \"" +
  String(weather)+ "\"}]";
  //make sure to change the event name below to match the webhook you created  
  Particle.publish("inital_state_json", String(temp), PRIVATE);
  delay(60000);	//use delay or millis to avoid publishing too frequently