LiPo Battery

LiPo Battery

Power Untethered

  • Argon needs 3.3v to function
  • DC hobby motors require 1-3v, but will handle up to 12v
  • Best solution is to use LiPo battery which operates at 3.7v

Lithium-Ion Polymer Battery (LiPo)


Lithium-Ion Polymer Battery (LiPo)

  • Operates at 3.7v (many other voltages available)
  • Rechargeable
  • Has a standard 2-pin JST-PH connector (also on Argon)
  • Lightweight

LiPo Capacity

  • Besides voltage, batteries have a capacity rating
  • Capacity is measured in Amp hours
  • Amp hours are “amount of current the battery can supply for an hour before it is drained”
  • Our batteries are 1800 mAh
    • 1800 milliamp hours = 1.8 Amp hours
  • Increased capacity –> increased size –> increased cost

LiPo Special Cautions

  • LiPo (like batteries in your cell phone) are generally safe
  • However, please follow a few cautions:
    • Only charge with LiPo charger
    • Do not expose battery to water
    • Do not puncture
    • If punctured or swells, stop using immediately
    • Please please do not throw battery in the trash–it contains toxic metals that pollute the environment
    • You can drop the battery off at a recycling center in your area or at a

LiPo and Argon


  • Argon has built-in charging port for LiPo batteries
  • Connect Argon to USB in order to charge battery

New Argon Pins


  • EN is a basically on/off for the Argon. Connect to GND to turn off Argon (and save battery power)
  • Li+ is internally-connected to the positive (+3.7v) of the battery